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pairings trade log

- received blitzace02, blitzace03, aeon06, aeon07, servant06, couture07, panda09, golden05, shiranui10, and dash05 upon joining.
- received rabanastre07, bindingrod09, bladedlance06, rational06, arrogant04, ariadne05, beast10, outside06, and bluehair09 from the july releases.
- traded outside06 for bindingrod07. (tessa)

- received gangster05 and snowflake07 for updating post.
- received artist02 from otp battles.
- traded member cards. (jammie)
- traded member cards. (kiss)
- traded member cards. (ivi)
- traded ariadne05 for pkk05. (fall)
- received bento05, izayoi05, pacifist04, and pacifist09 from single's claim.
- traded panda09 for home04. (secretambition)
- traded member cards. (beccastareyes)
- traded member cards. (shamuon)
- traded member cards. (melloi)
- traded member cards. (asuna)
- traded member cards. (anesidorian)
- received blitzace06 as a gift. (manda)

- traded member cards. (gigi)
- traded member cards and received hyperion01, hyperion07, paladin06, and trabia02 as a gift. (eclair)
- received flute01, romano01, jumpy05 from trivia.
- traded beast10 for bindingrod10. (nata)

- traded member cards. (nata)

- received kyrios09, maid01, priestess07, tundra03, writer06, adventurer02, tauburn04, dealer01, a love letter, a redpotion, and a purple potion from games festival.
- received flirty01, vicious07, prosecutor02, himo10, naive08, truth03, a love letter, and a green potion from puzzle chain.
- traded member cards and dash05 and romano01 for pkk04 and jumpy06. (shoe)
- traded shiranui10 for pacifist01. (totling)
- traded himo10 for aeon08. (shamuon)
- received seven01 as a gift. (shamuon)
- traded bento05 and tundra03 for aeon09 and rabanastre05. (gigi)
- traded prosecutor02 for bindingrod08. (lua)
- traded gangster05 for taichi04. (jammie)
- received future03 and trabia07 from freebies.
- received windam02, firstlove07, and stonefree05 from blind date.

- received capture04, mage09, and hyrule08 from blind date.


- traded truth03 for jumpy03.
- received dog08, duck01, and yukiatsu08 from date spots.
- received aquarius03 from otp battles.
- received bartender04 from otp battles.

- traded couture07, flute01, arrogant04, maid01, writer06, adventurer02, vicious07, taichi04, firstlove06, and member cards, for pacifist03, pallet04, pallet09, love02, love09, love10, courage02, heels01, pallmall03. (venachan)

- traded trabia02 for blitzace01. (unlocks)
- traded future03 for seven04 + member cards. (chaos_cat)

- traded fish06 for silent01. (beccastareyes)
- turned in red, purple, and green potion, and two love letters, for blood08, dunebuggy02, paramedic09, biased07, ruthless01, revenge03, aeon01, blitzace09, and bluehair01.

- traded support02 and samezuka01 for aeon05 and blitzace05. (shamuon)
- traded starseeker08 for pacifist07. (hopes)
- traded theend07 and mystic09 for rabanastre02 and six02. (melloi)
- traded sound06 and negate06 for eight09 and izayoi01. (asuna)
- traded nostalgia11 for aeon02. (chianna)

- received nurse04, fanservice02, and manzai07 from guess the video game.

- traded aquarius03 for forensics05. (surskit)
- received hawkeyes08, amnesia10, and disguise08 from date spots.

- received gorilla05, lithuania10, and cowardly02 from otp battles.
- received afterlife09 and proud02 from classified ads.
- received windor02, friendly02, and reversed12 from connections.

- received wrestler07, emotionless09, and literature08 from trivia.
- received wednesday05 and death06 from discussion.

- received genius06 and tenth06 from blind date.

- received albhed10 and badminton07 from freebies.

- received clover02, ophelia02, and 1stanniversary01 from guess the video game.

- received maracas08 and elrit01 from discussion.

- received jumpy02 as a gift. (miha)

- received spartoi01, dunebuggy09, candy04, and ciaossu08 from deck donations.


- received mascot02, resurrect07, taguel05, wary05, class03, staff03, littlecrane07, bat03, and classical03 from october deck release.
- gave staff03 as a present. (christy)
- traded taguel05, wary05, and littlecrane07 for aeon10, jumpy10, and useless05. (gigi)
- gave classical03 as a present. (miha)
- received bindingrod01, rabanastre04, rainfell08, and six06 from singles claim.
- received chariot02 as a gift and traded member cards. (xander)
- traded tauburn04, fanservice02, and cowardly02 for barrier10, resolve05, and viera02. (prisma)
- traded disguise05 for bento03.